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Dead in Bed | Part 2: Stiff
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I really wasn't the kind of person who would ever act like this—or even think like this.

First of all, I wouldn't ever seriously consider sleeping around on my husband, even if maybe our marriage had fallen into a pretty deep rut. And I'm definitely not the kind of person who would ever actually get, well, just a little bit, um, wet, at the touch of a stranger's hand on my shoulder. It was true that I liked sex, just like everybody else does. And for a while I really liked it, especially with Shawn when we were younger and things had been going well between us and we were like best friends. But I wouldn't ever let anyone put their hand deep into my underwear while I was careening down a highway in the dark, probably not even Shawn in high school. And what I absolutely wouldn't ever do while a stranger's fingertip was beginning to press slightly inside me would be to actually hope that it was my sister's husband who was doing it.

Or at least I thought I wasn't that kind of person. Not until now. And I wasn't sure how I felt about it.

A voice whispered behind me.

It wasn't what I expected. It wasn't Ian's voice, that's for sure. And it definitely wasn't any guy I knew.

"You're wet," it said.

Then there was laughter. Shocked laughter. It was Morgan.

"Oh my God!" she said, no longer whispering and now laughing out loud. She jerked her hand out of my pants. "You actually got a little wet I think!"

Finally I was able to slow the car to a reasonable speed and I quickly turned my head, just enough to glimpse the outline of Morgan's face.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I snapped my head back around to keep my eyes on the road, then glanced in the rear-view mirror. "Morgan! What are you doing in my car?"

I was still so startled that I could barely process the fact that the person who had just had their hand down my pants had been my best friend. And it really weirded me out. So maybe one time at a lame-ass football party in high school some of the guys had pressured us into kissing each other, and we'd gone along just to prove we weren't prudes. But otherwise Morgan had never done anything like this.

She couldn't stop laughing. "Who did you think I was!"

"You scared the shit of me!" I said, trying to sound more annoyed than flustered and pretending I hadn't been turned on. "Morgan? What the hell? I almost wrecked the car! Your hands are like ice! What the fuck are you doing in here?"