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Dead in Bed | Read | 12/27/13 1:34PM

Friday, December 27th, 2013. 1:34 pm.

First Post

Okay, here I go. My first blog post. Deep breath . . .

So, hi everyone! Or, I guess I should say: hi absolutely no one! Because I’m sure exactly zero people are actually going to read this blog, and I’m pretty much just going to be shouting into the deep, dark abyss of the internet. But whatever. I don’t care. If I don’t force myself to start a blog and post segments of my novel to it every week or so, I know I’ll never actually write it. And I really want to write this novel. Doing it means a lot to me. That’s why I’ve decided to publicly commit to it in this post.

In case someone actually does end up following this, thank you SO MUCH for reading! Seriously. You’re awesome and I love you! Please ignore the fact that I don’t even know you. You’re reading my blog, so I love you anyway despite that major flaw in our relationship. If you have any questions, just comment! Best way to reach me. I’ll totally respond.

Anyway, the very first installment of my novel is coming in the next update! It’s going to be called Dead in Bed. It's going to be really fun, and weird, and sexy, and just new and different. Like nothing you've ever read before. Promise. So stay tuned.


Thanks for reading!

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  1. Khushi_Srivastava_
    Khushi Srivastava posted over 3 years ago
    Damn I do love this book don't I.....🙈
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  2. zey_baeby
    zey baeby posted over 3 years ago
    I just recently read this novel on Wattpad and I was definitely impressed❤ Now I'm ready for the version with all the naaaasty😷
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  3. terry_fregene
    terry fregene posted over 4 years ago
    i'am reading this for the first time only and the first part is already so interesting
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  4. sorrowfulsoul
    sorrowfulsoul posted over 4 years ago
    Rereading this again! I can't get enough!
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  5. 6foot2
    6foot2 posted over 4 years ago
    Definitely one of my favourite stories. Well worth rereading.
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  6. mickendra
    mickendra posted over 4 years ago
    You are an amazing writer........ I've read the first and second book and I'm hooked, can't wait for more to come... Thanks for being my entertainer.
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  7. opensecret
    opensecret posted about 5 years ago
    this looks so interesting.
    i am so excited.
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    ARIIIA posted over 5 years ago
    I couldnt sleep, so I went on wattpad a couple of minutes ago... Then I found your book. This looks awesome, I'm gonna try to read some of it tonight but I'm getting tired already just typing this. This looks dooo interesting thx for your blog can't wait!
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  9. roma_calalang
    roma calalang posted over 5 years ago
    I got interest in your blog when i read ur novel that u post in wattpad... i like reading it so i decided to follow ur blog...
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  10. Saimum_Zaman_
    Saimum Zaman posted over 5 years ago
    Your post is really amused me. At least you've got a reader which is me. And obviously you've got so much other fans. I'm among them. Love you too and I literally LOVE your writings. cheers 🍻
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  11. Nurul_Aina
    Nurul Aina posted over 6 years ago
    I love Dead in Bed so Much. Can't stop reading it.
    1. Adrian_Birch
      Adrian Birch replied over 6 years ago
      thanks ;)
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  12. Faithinium
    Faithinium posted over 6 years ago
    Good job with the blog! Keep it up!! ;)
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  13. Bleach
    Bleach posted over 6 years ago
    Waitt so dead in bed is only a part of the entire novel? :O
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  14. Amateur_writer1_
    Amateur writer1 posted over 6 years ago
    How did you make a blog? This is really cool. And I love your bookssss
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  15. xShyanneH
    xShyanneH posted over 6 years ago
    Ever since I started reading this on Wattpad., I just cant stop..I havnt stoped reading once...
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  16. Tiff
    Tiff posted over 6 years ago
    I just want to say, thank you for the free book, its keeping me busy these days and also I'm soooo addicted to this book, my social life is dying. :)
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  17. howe151674
    howe151674 posted over 6 years ago
    This is slowly turning into one of my favorite things to read. Can barely stop!
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  18. PikachuBonnie
    PikachuBonnie posted over 6 years ago
    I will be very happy if you even consider sending me a copy
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  19. PikachuBonnie
    PikachuBonnie posted over 6 years ago
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  20. PikachuBonnie
    PikachuBonnie posted over 6 years ago
    Love this book soooooo much!
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  21. PikachuBonnie
    PikachuBonnie posted over 6 years ago
    Umm I REALLY want a copy. I NEED one to live. With or without it, I don't have
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  22. PikachuBonnie
    PikachuBonnie posted over 6 years ago
    Please please please give me a copy of your book. It is my all time favorite story and I absolutely love it! Great work so far!
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  23. Morgan24Elizabeth
    Morgan24Elizabeth posted over 6 years ago
    I had no idea that you had been working on these books for 3 years! Way to go!
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  24. Aims
    Aims posted over 6 years ago
    Wow, this was long ago lol.
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  25. Tom689
    Tom689 posted over 6 years ago
    Wow can't wait for the next uncensored part... so intriging
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  26. Tiff
    Tiff posted over 6 years ago
    Wow this post was posted three years ago. i feel old now
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  27. AJ2002
    AJ2002 posted over 6 years ago
    Hello Bailey :)
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  28. TW
    TW posted over 6 years ago
    Bailey Simms is a brilliant writer!
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  29. Bleach
    Bleach posted over 6 years ago
    Can't wait to read the uncensored version!
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  30. Tasneem
    Tasneem posted over 6 years ago
    The blog and the website is working just fine . But I can't wait to have access to other chapters ! Thank You for doing this ! The uncensored version announcement on Wattpad had made me so excited that I had to come here right away :)
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  31. adityabangari
    adityabangari posted over 6 years ago
    Excited for the full unedited update and as you already know , I love your book so thanks for this.
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  32. samuelmax
    samuelmax posted over 6 years ago
    Better than the one on wattpad
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  33. Bailey_Simms
    Bailey Simms posted almost 9 years ago
    Is anyone out there? Haha. Say something! :)
    1. n_d
      n d replied about 2 years ago
      What was that about your death in the author's note.........
    2. n_d
      n d replied about 2 years ago
      Bailey, are you alive? please reply.
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