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Dead in Bed | Read | 1/10/14 4:07PM

Friday, January 10th, 2014. 4:07 pm.

DEAD IN BED, Part 2: Stiff

Thanks for reading so far!

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  1. M_n11
    M n11 posted over 3 years ago
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  2. Bookscoffeerainydays
    Bookscoffeerainydays posted over 6 years ago
    I just keep imagining hershel from walking dead
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  3. zephyrhands
    zephyrhands posted over 6 years ago
    I seriously love Ian's character, and for some reason I keep thinking of Ian Bohen while reading the book, omg.
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  4. Faithinium
    Faithinium posted over 6 years ago
    Just got to wonder, what is stiff? ;)
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  5. Cat
    Cat posted over 6 years ago
    Aw Ashley, come on, this was your best friend who needed you to save her! Ian shouldn't have had to do it all for you!
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  6. Morgan24Elizabeth
    Morgan24Elizabeth posted over 6 years ago
    I definitely think the uncensored version is better!! I love it!
    1. Adrian_Birch
      Adrian Birch replied over 6 years ago
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  7. Bleach
    Bleach posted over 6 years ago
    Ashley can't you tell something is up with Morgan...
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  8. dani
    dani posted over 6 years ago
    Just wow.
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  9. howe151674
    howe151674 posted over 6 years ago
    Definitely enjoying this one more than the Wattpad version, so much more detailed and more of a feeling of completeness. Love it!
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  10. PikachuBonnie
    PikachuBonnie posted over 6 years ago
    I was really irritated with Morgan in the beginning of this chapter.
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  11. BbandHockey
    BbandHockey posted over 6 years ago
    Mindblown!! The detail drives me crazy!
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  12. WillWilsonI2
    WillWilsonI2 posted over 6 years ago
    All these details 😍
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  13. Tom689
    Tom689 posted over 6 years ago
    More gruesome graphics, nice
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  14. AJ2002
    AJ2002 posted over 6 years ago
    I like the extra details not included in the Wattpad version.
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  15. Tiff
    Tiff posted over 6 years ago
    this book has a lot of spice
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  16. samuelmax
    samuelmax posted over 6 years ago
    More interesting than the wattpad one
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