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Dead in Bed | Read | 1/10/14 4:24PM

Friday, January 10th, 2014. 4:24 pm.

Author's Update, Part 2

Thanks for reading so far!

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  1. patvee_
    patvee posted over 3 years ago
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  2. Morgan24Elizabeth
    Morgan24Elizabeth posted over 6 years ago
    I love your dedication!
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  3. BbandHockey
    BbandHockey posted over 6 years ago
    I love how she couldn't stop writing because she was so dedicated to the story!
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  4. WillWilsonI2
    WillWilsonI2 posted over 6 years ago
    Amazing writer
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  5. Tom689
    Tom689 posted over 6 years ago
    That commitment <3
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  6. AJ2002
    AJ2002 posted over 6 years ago
    The facebook thing would never work with my parents. My mom is obsessed with it, no joke.
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  7. Bleach
    Bleach posted over 6 years ago
    Aww that's the sweetest thing ever!
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  8. samuelmax
    samuelmax posted over 6 years ago
    Dad's they're all wanting to look after their little girl
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