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Dead in Bed | Read | 3/30/15 4:47PM

Monday, March 30th, 2015. 4:47 pm.

The End

Thanks for reading so far!

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  1. patvee_
    patvee posted over 3 years ago
    I came to wattpad, and I come to senses that you, Adrian, is just a beyond creative human being and I'm just so caught up with what happened to DID. *sighs*
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  2. patvee_
    patvee posted over 3 years ago
    I fckng need answerssss. As much as I want to think that this was all fiction and nothig more, I still couldn't get it out of my mind that this could be true and had actually happened. Grr
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  3. patvee_
    patvee posted over 3 years ago
    I'm crying.
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  4. Qsana
    Qsana posted over 3 years ago
    This always makes me feel some type of way, each and every time I read it.
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  5. sorrowfulsoul
    sorrowfulsoul posted about 5 years ago
    Oh may...😭😭😭
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  6. Flora
    Flora posted over 5 years ago
    oh my god i actually thought Bailey was real. Couldn't stop crying after reading about the part where she died, the love just seemed too real. I kinda feel betrayed finding out about that the fact that she's not real😒
    1. Adrian_Birch
      Adrian Birch replied over 5 years ago
      what do you mean not real?
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  7. Double_Trouble
    Double Trouble posted over 5 years ago
    I'm fucking crying and I don't ever fucking cry!! Is this real?! Adrian put me out of my miseries and tell me it's fucking fiction! OMG IVE NEVER HAD SO MANY FUCKING FEELS FOR A NOVEL! WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!
    1. Flora
      Flora replied over 5 years ago
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  8. Donuts
    Donuts posted over 5 years ago
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