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Dead in Bed | Read | 5/2/15 11:34AM

Saturday, May 2nd, 2015. 11:34 am.

DEAD IN BED, Part 14: Heavenly

Thanks for reading so far!

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  1. JulieLamiere
    JulieLamiere posted 5 months ago
    Does this mean Bailey is gone. Adrian?
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  2. Mansieeeeee
    Mansieeeeee posted 6 months ago
    I need moreeeeee this can't be overrrrrr
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  3. Magnificent_woman_
    Magnificent woman posted over 1 year ago
    So you're Kyle right?
    Anyway the book was odd, unique and had mixture of reality and imagination. It was like you're watching world war z with rodent evil together at one movie. Reading hide and seek by @Ms horrendous and Im cyborg pet by @the achiever at the same time love it.
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  4. starmama114
    starmama114 posted over 1 year ago
    please tell me there will be more to this? they find other life! it can't be over! I NEEEEEEED more!!
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  5. sorrowfulsoul
    sorrowfulsoul posted over 1 year ago
    What a fascinating book. Didn't want it to end...beautiful written
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  6. Carizza_de_Veyra
    Carizza de Veyra posted over 1 year ago
    I am patiently waiting for the next chapter of this book.

    I really love this story.
    Its just WOW.
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  7. KateyB365_
    KateyB365 posted almost 2 years ago
    Wow. Just... wow. Kyle/ Adrian, this warms my heart. So, lemme get this straight. This all happened? All of it? This is real?
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  8. karenfiles
    karenfiles posted almost 2 years ago
    Started reading the 1st book 2 days ago. Can't stop myself from going on to the next chapters and author's note.


    Mr. Kyle/ Adrian, you really did a great job out there for Ms. Bailey. Thank you for letting us get a share of your lives.
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  9. MariaAthenaKYu
    MariaAthenaKYu posted about 2 years ago
    Wow...That was....No words can express it...Just wow..
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  10. Donuts
    Donuts posted over 2 years ago
    This is so wonderful honestly thank you for writing this even though I'll probably die tomorrow
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  11. Roxy
    Roxy posted over 2 years ago
    I don't know why people are assuming this chapter as the end. No it can't end like this. She has to share with us what happened next.
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  12. anto_margareta
    anto margareta posted over 2 years ago
    Adrian are you really Kyle?
    And it's this really the end?
    1. Adrian_Birch
      Adrian Birch replied almost 2 years ago
    2. Belladonna
      Belladonna replied about 1 year ago
      He's not Kyle.😐 If Bailey Simms is a fictional character then so is Kyle.
    3. Adrian_Birch
      Adrian Birch replied about 1 year ago
    4. Yookiee
      Yookiee replied 5 months ago
      @Belladonna We can't really assume stuff that Bailey is fictional or Real cause the author or Kyle/Adrian doesn't say shit.

      If I came off as rude im sorry. I didn't meant for my comment to come off that way.
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  13. Swathss
    Swathss posted over 2 years ago
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  14. Kaylaahorton
    Kaylaahorton posted over 2 years ago
    Is there gonna be a third book???
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  15. Kremitxlimelicious
    Kremitxlimelicious posted over 2 years ago
    I do love a good open ended book. Fantastic. I loved this book so much!
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  16. cassiesmith
    cassiesmith posted over 2 years ago
    this book was so incredibly good
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  17. rene590
    rene590 posted over 2 years ago
    I am upset that this is the end, but i can see why you have to end it. it would go on forever if you didn't end it around now. This is a great book, probably the best one that I've ever read. It is well written and I hope you write more books, because if they are even half as wonderful as this book, they will be awesome still.
    1. LisaLikes2Read
      LisaLikes2Read replied over 2 years ago
      Ya...she has to end it because Bailey is dead. 😔😕
    2. PositivelyNegative
      PositivelyNegative replied about 1 year ago
      IKR! I’m so sad that it ended but I guess that it was the best possible way for the book to end, given its nature. While i was reading this i always had hope that there would be a cure and that hope kept me going. So i guess the ending is perfect because, well we don’t know whether there is hope or there isn’t. Well played Adrian
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  18. dreamsunlimited1996
    dreamsunlimited1996 posted over 2 years ago
    This book is worth it's description. I've never read a book like this in my life! Amazing work!
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  19. 84cgargee
    84cgargee posted over 2 years ago
    did they really have their baby? what about the survivors they were searching for all along? what about kyle?
    1. LisaLikes2Read
      LisaLikes2Read replied over 2 years ago
      Kyle died and the chapters he carried were found and published afterwards. You must have just missed the inference.
    2. MariaAthenaKYu
      MariaAthenaKYu replied about 2 years ago
      I know about the publication..(I was irritated since it gave me a hard time reading about it)..But Kyle Adrian died??? How???
    3. Qsana
      Qsana replied about 1 month ago
      This is the third time I've read this book and it is still as gripping as it was the first time around.
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