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Dead in Bed | Read | 1/26/14 3:17PM

Sunday, January 26th, 2014. 3:17 pm.

DEAD IN BED, Part 4: Milk and Honey

Thanks for reading so far!

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  1. patvee_
    patvee posted over 3 years ago
    I'll recommend this to everyone I know or I don't know, even so. Lol. But I'm serious
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  2. zephyrhands
    zephyrhands posted over 6 years ago
    Shawn and the mom irk me so much, especially the mom. I can see Shawn hating Ashley, especially if he caught her cheating but why is the mom so bitter.. but IAN IS FABULOUS. :D
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  3. In_his_dreams__
    In his dreams posted over 6 years ago
    Do you have the Toxoplasmosis illness? Is this the disease that you keep talking about; the one you have?
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  4. Cat
    Cat posted over 6 years ago
    Great job rescuing Bryce and Ashley, Ian! As for Jason and Shawn, however, I continue to detest them both. I wish those two could get shot and just die or something... but at least the new doctor character, Chris, seems to be cool. It'll be interesting to have him in the book. And I really like how his explanations about the plague started based off an actual thing; I think it makes the book much easier to imagine when something realistic is part of it like that.
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  5. PikachuBonnie
    PikachuBonnie posted over 6 years ago
    I love the creativity and imagination behind this story. All of us love the book because it pulls us in and makes us want to read more. It is the best book I have ever read
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  6. Morgan24Elizabeth
    Morgan24Elizabeth posted over 6 years ago
    This is probably one of my favorite parts out of these books.
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  7. PikachuBonnie
    PikachuBonnie posted over 6 years ago
    Buried alive is my nightmare.
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  8. BbandHockey
    BbandHockey posted over 6 years ago
    The metaphor in the title gives me shivers. 'Honey'...Ugh
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  9. WillWilsonI2
    WillWilsonI2 posted over 6 years ago
    Quadruple agree
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  10. Tom689
    Tom689 posted over 6 years ago
    lol true triple agree
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  11. Tiff
    Tiff posted over 6 years ago
    double agree
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  12. AJ2002
    AJ2002 posted over 6 years ago
    I agree w/ @samuelmax
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  13. samuelmax
    samuelmax posted over 6 years ago
    Ashley should get a better phone or one of them portable chargers so she's not in this situation
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